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Slight Interruptions-Updated

Reading Time: < 1 minute TL;DR – Turns out, it wasn’t that bad! *Happy Dance* Time for some end-of-year housekeeping-slash-KonMari action. To that end, the website will need to go offline for a little while, during which time we will be doing some scaling back of infrastructure that requires deleting the website and then re-installing. I’m sure absolutely nothing can …

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The Editing Room Floor: And Billie’s a Crowd

Reading Time: 6 minutes We’re back, and in celebration of The Libra Gambit’s release, here’s a scene that was cut somewhere during the second draft, after we realized there was no room for another spy on the Moth. Side note: We love Billie, so much we even dream cast her (Lesley-Ann Brandt is a treasure!) and we fully expect to …

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Who let the books out?

Reading Time: 2 minutes We let the books out! Affirming just a little bit late, that— some of us—Autumn is the Best Season, we are pleased to announce the release of The Libra Gambit, Book 2 of The Zodiac Files, alongside the re-release of a leaner, meaner, keener (sorry, I’m a slave to the Rule of Three), Gemini Hustle, …

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Guess Who’s Manybooks Author of the Day?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yeah, I was surprised, too.  For those unaware, Manybooks is a book discovery site geared towards promoting indie authors (think Bookbub’s younger sister). Recently, the lovely folks at Manybooks surprised me with a chance to respond to some genuinely insightful questions about the writing life in general, and The Longest Shard in particular. It was …

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