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Before Harry met Ray…

Meet Ray and Harry in the dark days before their fateful meeting on Ócala.

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This is the place where where action and adventure meets future fantasy meets Ted Lasso. 

Here you'll find spies in space, private facilitators, street thieves, dracos, empaths, shadow traders, and an ever-growing host of characters you'll enjoy sitting down with at the end of a trying day.

From all of us here at Outrageous Fiction, welcome to the adventure.

The Gemini Hustle: Chapter 9

By Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown | September 20, 2022

Chapter 9 The bartender served a trio of Milleons, whose bulky insectoid figures dominated the bar’s …

The Gemini Hustle: Chapter 9 Read More »

The Longest Shard: 12

By Kathleen McClure | September 19, 2022

Tale of Fortune, originally published in spring of 2020, is a time-hopping prequel to Soldier of …

The Longest Shard: 12 Read More »

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