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Here Be First Drafts

Join our FREE Easy Readers Crew and read along as we write the next series of books, which include Fortune and Glory, Fortune's Architects, Scorpio Sting, Hidden Dragon, and a possible mystery UF from Kathleen. (Yes, it's a lot, but ADHD jokes aside, often one story needs to rest while another is ready to explode on the page; this way all the stories get attention as needed.)

Be warned, besides being an eclectic mix, there is no set schedule to our posting, which lends a thrilling uncertainty to the experience (very much like the actual writing).

Not gonna lie, this is not for the faint of heart. These will be first drafts, only mildly edited. The published books remain the same, plot-wise, but they get a more serious edit, and sometimes lose a scene or three, or even entire characters.

What makes reading these first drafts worth it is the unfiltered rush of discover, the first glimpse of a new character, and just being part of the thing as it grows.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, click the link below to register.

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