The Gemini Hustle: Prologue

For those waiting to read The Gemini Hustle before The Libra Gambit, here you go!


Two guys walk into a bar. You’d think at least one of them would have ducked.”


Gemini Hustle Zodiac


Mission Status Updates: Zodiac Division

To: Colonel M. Doyle, Zodiac Division Control
From: Zodiac C&C
Re: Orion and Loki Operation Status-Universal System Date 15.99.74

Orion Detail

• Operative: Raymond D. Slater 

• Background: Former ConFed Marine, 1st Lieutenant; Combat Rescue; Counterinsurgency; SpecOps qualified; CQC [MMA] and rank Expert with small arms, assault & sniper rifles by ConFed Marines and Force Intelligence

• Mission: Ongoing

• Report: At last contact, Operative Slater’s personal transport Gypsy Moth was berthed in the Romeria Intergalactic Spaceport on Ócala. By 2021 hours, local time, ship’s AI had completed a scan of planetary security feeds and media outlets. Based on intelligence gathered, both the Gypsy’s AI and Operative Slater concur high probability of target acquisition in Romeria. Transmission included personal note from Operative Slater to Zodiac Control stating:  “I may be wrong, but ask your wife to confirm—foreplay comes first.” 

• Status: Awaiting further updates.

Loki Detail:

• Operative: Harry Finn

• Background: Former Inter-System Marshal; criminal profiler and criminal investigator, specializing in undercover ops; wartime experience in intelligence and counterintelligence; CQC; ranked for small arms by Inter-System Marshal Division and Force Intelligence

• Operative: Mollin

• Background: Former Decagon Cyber-ops; cyber-technician; quantum slicer; experience with multiple species’ hardware, software and wetware; completed Force Intelligence CQC and small arms training

• Mission: Special Operation-Division Control Eyes Only

• Report: No contact since last check-in, 22 hours after landing on Ócala. At time of contact, Operatives Finn and Mollin were in Romeria, where Operative Finn indicated he would be taking on a new identity and going off-comms. Transmission included personal note from Operative Mollin to Zodiac Control stating: “You didn’t tell me Finn was insane.”

• Status: Awaiting further updates.

• Query: Should Orion and Loki be advised of possible mission overlap?


To: Zodiac C&C
From: Colonel M. Doyle, Zodiac Division Control
Re: Query-Mission Overlap

Where’s the fun in that?

And in case I wasn’t clear: Leave it alone.

Also, screw the regulations. I know my own agents so you can stop sending a background in every damn memo.

To: Colonel M. Doyle, Zodiac Division Control
From: Zodiac C&C
Re: Mission Overlap

Copy that.

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