Soldier of Fortune Serial

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Soldier of Fortune Chapter 2

By Kathleen McClure | December 14, 2021

Close to seven years ago, Gideon was still serving in the Colonial Infantry Corps, still wearing his twinned suns with pride, and still leading the 12th Company, a specialized unit loosely attached to the 63rd Regiment.  Specialized, in that Quinn’s Dirty Dozen tended to be deployed where and when a situation called for what the …

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Soldier of Fortune Chapter 1-Part Two

By Kathleen McClure | December 7, 2021

“As of this day, nine February, fourteen forty-nine After Landfall, it is the determination of this august board that Prisoner six-six-eight-nine-seven, Gideon Michael Quinn, be granted parole, effective immediately.”  Gideon stared at that august board. “I have to say, I did not see that coming.”  “Quinn,” Finch whispered the warning from Gideon’s left.  It was …

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Soldier of Fortune: Chapter 1: Part One

By Kathleen McClure | December 4, 2021

A note to the reader, Soldier of Fortune, the first Gideon Quinn Adventure, takes place over the same few days as Outrageous Fortune, the first book of the Errant Freight novels.  In addition to sharing a timeline, characters from both series will bump into each other on occasion. If you enjoy Soldier of Fortune, I hope you’ll pop …

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