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Here is you will find the serialized editions of our first-in-series novels, as well as certain Works in Porgress.
All three first-in-series are complete and  available for purchase, should you prefer the entire book.
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Shorts & Snippets

This is where we put shorter fiction, scenes that may occur between the books, and other in-universe ephemera
(think Marvel's One-Shots).

The Editing Room Floor: And Billie’s a Crowd

By Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown | November 16, 2022

We’re back, and in celebration of The Libra Gambit’s release, here’s a scene that was cut somewhere during the second draft, after we realized there was no room for another spy on the Moth. Side note: We love Billie, so much we even dream cast her (Lesley-Ann Brandt is a treasure!) and we fully expect to …

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The Editing Room Floor: Empty Calories

By Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown | August 16, 2022

Here’s another from The Libra Gambit’s editing room floor, and one which includes references to possibly the most comforting food I have ever known (says the person with no nut allergies), the grilled peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich, also known as the fluffernutter sandwich. Side note, the fluffernutter tends to use marshmallow cream, but my …

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Recent Posts

Soldier of Fortune: Chapter 17

By Kathleen McClure | February 9, 2022

Looking for the beginning of the story? Click HERE. “I had this, you know.”  Gideon looked at Jinna, mustard dispenser in one hand and fork in the other. “Would you like to take over?” he asked politely. She sighed and lowered the fork. “Carry on, soldier.”  Gideon carried on.  It wasn’t a stretch to say …

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Outrageous Fortune: Chapter 16

By Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon | February 7, 2022

Miss the beginning? Start HERE. Soon after Rory and Eitan’s departure, John and Jagati locked down the Errant and headed for the airfield gates.  Outside, a light rain fell while the mists rose from the Avon, contributing to the overall damp. John took a lungful of moist air and considered the airfield which, in the …

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