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A Night in Stolichnaya

By Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon | December 4, 2021

Between the Books Here’s a little scene from that time the Errant was grounded by Stolichnayan weather (referenced in Outrageous Fortune). We had actually written a number of such scenes, and several are being repurposed into a longer Tale of Fortune, but there was no space for this particular scene, so we are sharing it …

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The Fall

The Fall: Outrageous Fortune Deleted Scene

By Kathleen McClure | June 3, 2020

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! This scene was originally part of Outrageous Fortune, and contains mild spoilers for Soldier of Fortune. If you’ve already read Soldier or Outrageous, you’re good.If you don’t mind a little knowledge beforehand, go to. If you really don’t like spoilers of any kind, consider your notice to stop reading and return …

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The Gemini Hustle: Chapter 9

By Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown | January 20, 2022

Looking for the beginning of the story? Click HERE. While Ray’s jaw was falling to the floor of the Anubis Room, Harry’s entire psyche was dropping into a scene that had haunted him for the past eighteen standard months.  The warehouse was like any other warehouse in Sol Sector-ill lit, grimy, and bearing the unique …

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Outrageous Fortune: Chapter 11

By Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon | January 19, 2022

Miss the beginning? Start HERE. Jagati spent most of the two hours after the escape from Dyar’s Canyon charting a course for Nike, one twisty enough to keep Tariq off their backs.  Once it was complete, she left the bridge to find Rory climbing down from the envelope where, he said, some leaky cells needed …

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