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Here is you will find the serialized editions of our first-in-series novels, as well as certain Works in Porgress.
All three first-in-series are complete and  available for purchase, should you prefer the entire book.
The Libra Gambit will be published after it has gone through a final, professional edit, at which point it will be replaced by the weekly posting of our next work in progress.

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Shorts & Snippets

This is where we put short fiction, scenes that may occur between the books, and other in-universe ephemera (think Marvel's One-Shots).

A Night in Stolichnaya

By Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon | December 4, 2021

Between the Books Here’s a little scene from that time the Errant was grounded by Stolichnayan weather (referenced in Outrageous Fortune). We had actually written a number of such scenes, and several are being repurposed into a longer Tale of Fortune, but there was no space for this particular scene, so we are sharing it …

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Recent Posts

The Longest Shard: 6

By Kathleen McClure | August 8, 2022

Tale of Fortune, originally published in spring of 2020, is a time-hopping prequel to Soldier of Fortune, and offers no spoilers.  For those who wish to read the novella all at once, the 99¢ ebook is available for purchase. Willing to read along every Monday, but still want to support Outrageous Fiction? Take a moment to …

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The Crew Who Came in From the Cold: 8

By Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon | August 5, 2022

Spoiler alerts remain in effect! This Tale of Fortune is a direct sequel to Outrageous Fortune. If you want to know what happened first, check out the webnovel, or buy the book! Please enjoy! Kathleen & Kelley The cold was a hammer, striking the air from Eitan’s lungs the moment he stepped into the faltering storm. …

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