The Longest Shard (A Gideon Quinn Tale of Fortune)

Welcome to the planet Fortune, where tech is low, and revenge is patient

Wrongly accused of treason, Colonel Gideon Quinn enters the Morton Barrens Penitentiary filled with hate and empty of purpose.

Until he meets fellow convict Renny Boucher—a murderer with a long memory and an appetite for vengeance—and discovers, the hard way, there's more to life in prison than he bargained for.

Say, for instance, death in prison.

The Shawshank Redemption meets It's a Wonderful Life meets Jack Reacher in this time-bending Tale of Fortune. If you like down-at-heels heroes, snarky villains, and comic banter, you'll love The Longest Shard.


Praise for The Longest Shard

"I read it in one sitting. A marvellous blend off humour, drama, three dimensional characters and story that keeps you reading. Highly recommended"

Goodreads Review

"… non-stop, gritty, character driven stuff with great world building that will keep you up late reading when you should be getting some sleep.

The Longest Shard is a really well written, fast paced novella giving us more of Gideon Quinn’s back story before the main books.

Goodreads Review

"I have to admit that when I saw the Contents - which showed that the story went back and forth in time - I was a little worried. BUT then I started reading and was engrossed. I was caring for the characters."
-Kobo Review
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