The Gemini Hustle (Zodiac Files Book One)

Two Zodiac Agents walk into a bar…

… but it's no joke when Ray Slater's manhunt collides with Harry Finn's undercover operation.

With both covers burned—along with the bar—Ray and Harry form an uneasy partnership, one that takes them deep into the heart of an interstellar crime syndicate.

Now, outnumbered and outgunned, Ray and Harry find themselves entangled with two of the syndicate's key members—women gifted with telempathic abilities and burdened by secrets—who will either change both men's lives… or end them.


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Praise for The Gemini Hustle

"This book was incredible. Imagine Star Wars, Wild, Wild West and Leverage all mixed up and you get Gemini Hustle. It was a fun read with lots of adventure, action, twists and surprises."

—Goodreads Review

"… this is a fun yarn that's halfway between The A-Team and Firefly. Snarky but not condescending, the dialogue flows smoothly and believably while the character development is neither dragged out nor irritatingly omitted."

—Goodreads Review

"Fabulously freewheeling action, super spycraft, psionically gifted alien females, and an intergalactic criminal conspiracy top the list of the goodies to be found in The Gemini Hustle."

—Goodreads Review

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