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Ghosts in the Graveyard (And Other Tales)

A collection of eight flash fiction pieces that will transport the reader through a landscape of time, space, and emotion… from Bergen-Belsen to Faeryland to the belly of the whale, and beyond.

These bite-sized servings of speculative fiction are just right for fans of Neil Gaiman and Jane Yolen.

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Praise for Ghosts in the Graveyard

"I enjoyed these stories. They are short but carry a punch. I really enjoy reading short stories because I can get to the heart of the story, find out what happens and if I only had a short period of time to read, then I can easily set the book aside, happy I know what happened and knowing there are more stories I can come back to."
—Goodreads Review

"Love this!
It’s been so long since I found a good book to read and this one was delightful. Whimsical, full of heart, and gently surprising, these short tales are perfect in every way. I only wish there were more. I will look for the author’s other books." (Via Goodreads)
Barbara Venkataraman-Author

"There's nothing I enjoy more than a little humor and a well-placed pun in a scary tale. But these stories aren't zany or whimsical. They may deal with children or childhood, but these are some sophisticated horror stories.

They evoke a off-kilter sensation, where familiar objects seem strange. I feel certain that the collection's made an impression likely to be recollected for some time."
—Nook Review

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