Fortune's Fool (Gideon Quinn Adventures Book Two)

In the distant future, on the planet Fortune, tech is low and times are hard… especially for those living in Nike's slums.

Gideon Quinn has barely set up shop as Nike's only private facilitator when an idealistic young medic reports several patients have gone missing.

Gideon takes the case, and soon finds himself tangled in a cruel enterprise that targets the most vulnerable of Nike's population. And the investigation only grows more complex when someone from Gideon's past returns with a missing person of her own.

Now Gideon is faced with a bitter question: To save the people no one else cares about, will he be able to bring home a man he'd as soon see vanished from the face of Fortune?

FORTUNE'S FOOL is the second Gideon Quinn Adventure, a future fantasy mashup of steampunk, action, and noir. If you like action, down-at-heels heroes and comic banter, you'll love the world of Fortune.


Praise for Fortune's Fool

"It's a rollicking fun read filled with witty banter and an assortment of amusing characters, and the clever writing manages to connect even the littlest events with each other by the end of the book. The action keeps flowing until the final pages. So well done!"

—Goodreads Review

"'Fortune's Fool' by Kathleen McClure is fantastic. It's a steampunk novel with the emphasis more on the characters than the steampunk elements, and yet, the world she creates is engrossing - very realistic with a lot of thought and some fun in the details. (Pity these characters, McClure has denied them coffee!)." (Via BookBub)

Jenny Schwartz-Sci-Fi and Fantasy Author

"As I started reading Fortune's Fool, I thought the same thing I always think with the Fortune chronicles. "Why can't more people write like this?"

—Goodreads Review