Casting a Novel: Zodiac’s Fayla Szado

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Szado Play

Where do you go when you need a powerful woman? A woman with secrets? A woman with poise, cunning and an exquisite level of control, both physically and psionically?

Where do you go when you need to present someone who makes men's minds deep six and,  as Harry thought in the novel, is exactly who the pulp writers were thinking of when they coined the term, femme fatale?

Admittedly, there are a lot of strong, talented, versatile women out there, but in the end, when it came to the sticking point, as it were, for The Gemini Hustle, there is one actress out there who fits every one of those criteria, and more. Fact is, I don't know of another contemporary performer who can carry the weight of House Szado on her shoulders, maneuver a wild card like Harry Finn, and do it all without looking as if she ever broke a sweat.

Or even knew what sweat was.

And she already has the black eyes in which Harry would almost willingly drown.

Still need a hint? How about this?

casting a novel
No one wears a a power suit like Gina Torres.

Seriously, we writers all have our little dreams of a work going to the screen, and for the most part it's just fun and games, but I would just about give an organ to see Gina freaking Torres speaking Fayla Szado's lines. And maybe the Suits costume designer could come along as well, that'd be the sprinkles on the icing on the cake of awesome.



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