Who let the books out?

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We let the books out!

Affirming just a little bit late, that— some of us—Libra Gambit CoverAutumn is the Best Season, we are pleased to announce the release of The Libra Gambit, Book 2 of The Zodiac Files, alongside the re-release of a leaner, meaner, keener (sorry, I'm a slave to the Rule of Three), Gemini Hustle, Book 1 of The Zodiac Files.

In full disclosure, the books were made available on October 27, but it was a soft launch, and allowed us to confirm everything "worked" before blasting the news from our little OF platform.

We will continue to post The Gemini Hustle, keeping to the trend of making the First-in-Series books available to all.

We have completed the posted draft of The Crew Who Came in From the Cold, and are working on finding the  money to publish the novella (hoping to manage this before the end of '22).

In case anyone's wondering why we have to fund the books, it's because we have so few books out, and the books we have can't pay for themselves as yet. It is our hope that by combining fiction online, published fiction and, in 2023, audio fiction. To that end, anyone willing to buy us a coffee, share us on their socials, like, or subscribe to the website, will be giving us a serious boost in that direction!

In further news, we are at the beginnings of Fortune's Architects, Fortune and Glory, The Scorpio Sting, and Hidden Dragon, which is Kathleen's dip into Urban Fantasy.

We will begin posting once everything has at least six chapters (giving us six weeks of lead time so we can work, take care of our lives, and possibly sleep in on weekends).

Speaking of work, Kelley McKinnon, in addition to teaching in real time, now has her own online business, so if, by chance, you're an actor looking for coaching or cabaret development, or looking for a director, be sure to check it out. (Also worth checking out, period, just to get a picture of what she's doing while not pinging narratives back and forth with me [Kathleen]).

And with that, I wish you all a great weekend as I hare off to see Wakanda Forever (with a box of tissues).

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