Weekly Update: January 21, 2022

Getting the sad news out of the way first. The cat I mentioned last week did, indeed, decide Weekly Updateshe was done by this past Wednesday. She will be missed, from her calm acceptance of everything and everyone, to her mighty purr, to the way she made a tribble noise every time a person would pet her.

Or, really, when a person would enter a room.

She really did sound like a tribble.

We were lucky to have her in our lives, and the grief of that bad last day won't erase the fifteen years of awesome we had.

Deep breath, and onwards.

Word counts for this week were very sporadic, as seen here:

  • Crew: 1961
  • Hidden Dragon: 36
  • ODSS: 108

The nice bump for Crew came from Kelley and I managing to synch up for a full session. We recalled, after a first attempt at 8 A.M. Tuesday morning Central Time (9 P.M. in China), that with the fourteen hour difference it made more sense to meet up on my evenings and her mornings, as we'd both be less tired.

So we laid down the rest of a tavern scene on Thursday, but Tuesday wasn't a complete loss, as Lucy and Ethel once again talked maps.

Weekly Update 12.17.21
Northwest corner, Cambpell Isles firmly ensconced on land.

This time we had to go back to my original horrible sketch because the mapmaking app Kelley is using ate her progress.

So there we were, talking mountains, rivers, and where we are going to put the new Coalition state we just made up, when she points to my rendition of the Campbell Isles and asks why they were in the middle of a land mass.

To which I responded, "because I forgot to draw the edge of the continent".

But hey, now we know the name of the new nation state is Thracia, it's agrarian, and will be featured in The Crew Who Came in From the Cold.

Outside of creative work, I've been upping the post schedule of Soldier, Outrageous, and Gemini on Wattpad, and have settled on a Monday/Wednesday posting schedule for the two Fortunes and a Tuesday/Thursday schedule for Gemini here on the website.

There's some back and forthing going on in my brain on if/how to spread the word of what we're doing, here.

As a social media avoider, it's tough for me to contemplate making an Outrageous Fiction twitter account, so I'm still having those conversations with myself. Anyone have any solid ideas on where to share that is NOT related to the usual suspects (looking at you FB/Insta), please send us a note and we'll look into it.

In unrelated, just for fun news, I can recommend both The Matrix: Resurrection and Anne Leckie's Ancillary Justice, having enjoyed the first and just hit the midpoint of the second.

And finally, because it was a theme of the week, I leave you with some words on grief from Martine du Loire to a young Gideon Quinn, that may well appear in a future story, but certainly were helpful in sharing this week's loss with my neurodivergent clan.

“You are allowed to feel whatever you feel. No one loves the exact same way, and it follows that no one feels loss the exact same way.  For some, it’s a tearing, here,” Martine pointed at her sternum. “For others, there’s just this open, empty space. For still others, it’s too big to hold, too large to see, too vast even to feel. It has no borders, no shape.

"But whatever you feel—and whenever you feel it, for not everyone can feel, at the first—it is your experience of grief. No one else can know it, which means no one else gets to tell you what your grief should look like."

Best to all, and see you next week.

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