Weekly Update: December 31, 2021 (Ringing Out the Old)

Kathleen here, bearing greetings and wishes for a Happy New Year (Solar Edition), from all the Outrageous Fiction crew.

weekly update: december 31

I'm just coming off ten straight days of seasonal work, and I can tell you, my muscles are feeling it!

As I mentioned in last week's post, I spent the entire holiday providing cat care.

My first experience with the job was Thanksgiving, which—no lie—left me so tired I was crying. Thankfully, though there were more days worked during Christmas, I never had more than twelve houses to visit, compared to the Thanksgiving peak of sixteen (and that was for me, a newbie. The pros had to handle way more!).

I have an entirely new appreciation for those working the gig economy.

For myself, I'm grateful for the experience, and that the work I did will successfully keep Fadge Press and this website live for all of 2022, (may it be less stressful than 2021, which was more just an extension of 2020).

And as we say goodbye to the trials and traumas of 2021, the partners and I are gleefully diving into creating more stories, and finding more ways to get those stories out to new readers (and, eventually, listeners!).

As of right now, anyone who wants can start reading the serialized release of our three first-in-series books, right here on the website.

Readers who prefer the novel experience can find all the books for sale at our Outrageous Fiction storefront (ebooks deliverable through Bookfunnel), as well as at Apple, Kobo, and Nook.

For those curious about why we have the Outrageous Fortune store, the Payhip platform allows authors to retain more royalties from each sale, and the more royalties we retain, the sooner we can publish the next book.*

Please note that anyone reading on a Kindle device would need to purchase from our OF Payhip store.

Meanwhile, now I'll be free from the kitty rush for a spell, it's back to work. My contributions to fiction this week were noticeably light, but included the following word counts.**

  • 313 words - Libra Gambit Epilogue
  • 80-Hidden Dragon (Urban Fantasy)
  • 72 - Fortune's Architects

At the same time, LG was creating another few species for the Known and wrote a scene that will either be part of the above epilogue or a scene in the next Zodiac novel!

Kelley was traveling and teaching this past week (thirteen hours ahead of me), so expect for more Errant Freight words to happen as we both get back to some semblance of normal. (Sadly, no new map escapades yet—no one had the time!)

And that was our week in a nutshell. Lots of cats, very few words, so much gratitude (and sore muscles).

Once again, Happy New Year (Solar Edition), and many thanks to all who have come by to visit this year.  All of us at Outrageous Fiction hope you enjoy the time spent in our varied worlds.

For now, stay safe, stay strong, and keep reading!



*Every book we publish tends to cost around $800 (give or take a hundred). That includes copyright registration, editing, covers for ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks, fees for setting up paperback editions, and proof copies. 


**(I don't obsess over word counts [most of my writing actually happens in my head, while I'm away from the desk] but it is interesting to get some data on where my brain was living during the week.



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