Weekly Update: December 24, 2021

First of all, happiest of birthdays to Mr. L. Gene Brown, who is not only an amazing creator of worlds, he shares a birthday with my (Kathleen's) youngest—meaning there's at least one person out there who won't lose track of that close-to-holiday birthday.

To celebrate, both The Gemini Hustle and Outrageous Fortune have been reduced to 99¢! If you haven't had a chance to pick up the entire book, and would prefer to read all at once, pick them up, now!

Here's to many more spins around the sun, and a lot more Zodiac stories.  

And this…

weekly update 12.24.21

Also, because of the aforementioned birthday, and holidays, and the fact that I've taken some gig work (cat-sitting) to help meet Fadge expenses (more on that, later), there's very little actual writing happening this week (meeting a daily minimom to maintain a streak, but that's about it).

There is an Epilogue for Libra Gambit in the works, but I can't guarantee it'll be ready by Monday. (Did I mention the cat sitting? Not for the faint of heart, is all I'm saying). 

Continuing the Lucy and Ethel make maps saga, Kelley received my scrawled attempt at a map (from last week's post), and here is a portion of the dialogue following said receipt:


Kelley: Why are the Barrens on an island? 

Kathleen: I was aiming for Australia size?


Which goes to show my sense of scale is…not great. 

A side note, while there's not a lot of solid writing time, I have gotten a few elements of the next Gideon Quinn adventure on the page, which is important, as I want to write his story at the same time Kelley and I write the next Errant novel. They will not have as many connections, thematically, as the first two books of Fortune, but they will take place over the same time period (Don't tell anyone, but we're building up to a crossover event! Shhhh!) 

Still working on Crew, and developing the next Zodiac, (and yes, the urban fantasy I'm growing is still cooking). But really, this week it's all about family, work, birthdays, and cats. Lots and lots of cats. 

And that's it for this week! To everyone out there, I hope you have a safe and pleasant holiday, and for all you December babies, we see you!

PS-In case you're really bored, here's another entry in the nickname game.

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