Weekly Update: December 17, 2021

Introducing our first weekly update, in which we share what outrageous fiction we've been working on, where we are in various stages of creation, and anything else of interest that has occurred during the week.

First of all, we're thrilled report that The Libra Gambit is one week away from it's final chapter!

Weekly Update #1
Chapter 50 or Bust!

And while we're wrapping up the second in the Zodiac series, hopefully everyone's noticed that we have also begun sharing all three of our first-in-series novels.

In addition, we hope to  to continue casting a wide net of story-sharing by adding a podcast of the books for those who prefer their fiction audio-style! The podcasts will take some prep, and some tech, and it'll likely be one book at a time because of the technical and vocal constraints, but we are already mic'd up, and the room is getting more audio friendly by the day, so stay tuned for news on that front.

In addition, Kelley and Kathleen have so far written six chapters of The Crew Who Came in From the Cold, a short Errant Freight story that takes place between Outrageous Fortune and the upcoming Fortune & Glory (also begun, but in holding while we sort some world building).

On the world building note, Kelley, L.G. and Kathleen are all heavily into world expansion territory, firming up geography for Fortune, adding to the scope of sapients in the Known, and basically getting back into sandbox mode.

These bits are often more play than work—except for Kathleen and maps, about which the less said the better*—but this kind of play is how we add depth and texture to even our most outrageous scenarios. Look for examples from the sandbox in coming weeks.

And that is where we are for the week of December 17, but before we say goodbye, here's a little trivia query (Outrageous Fiction style) for your entertainment.

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Author Nicknames-Part 1

Their nicknames appear in Book One of The Zodiac Files.

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Which pair of nicknames do L.G. and Kathleen use for one another?

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The average score is 20%




*Except that, by community agreement, Kathleen's flailing with maps is too funny not to share. So here's the first, second , fifth version of Fortune's map, which Kathleen sent to the far more artistic-minded Kelley, who may or may not send it back with the image of a flaming club.

Weekly Update 12.17.21
AKA Ethel and Lucy Make Maps-Part 1

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