Texas Freeze '21

Weather Delays: The Libra Gambit

As the current Polar Vortex/Winter Storm/Ohmygoodnessit’scoldoutthere continues to wreak havoc on the Texas infrastructure, look for delays in posting of The Libra Gambit.

Our area has significant power outages, rolling blackouts, and the subsequent loss of internet, and beyond that, there’s a certain level of stress as we try to stay warm while not using any unnecessary power and so forth, all this beyond the previous issues with lockdown and the pandemic.

It’s been a year, hasn’t it?

Meanwhile as LG and I recover from Life being so Interesting, let me recommend Mary Bennet and the Bingley Codex, by Joyce Harmon for those seeking a fun read. It is the first book in The Regency Mage series and, guys, these books are like reading chocolate! They’re the Ted Lasso of the regency magic genre. I swear, my blood pressure dropped within the first two chapters.

Looking for something a bit more active? Try Dread Nation, by Justina Ireland. Pre-winter storm this kept me up too late trying to see how protagonist Jane would handle the worlds of trouble she kept landing in.

Space opera fans may enjoy Salvage Trouble first of the Black Ocean series by JS Morin, in which magic fuels space travel and a motley crew of space farers and their wizard are just trying to get by.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, and my apologies for the delay. We will be back as soon as is feasible.


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