Warts and all…

Wherein the Outrageous Fiction team of Kathleen McClure, Kelley McKinnon, and L. Gene Brown welcome you to the new, mostly improved, and hopefully exciting website.

Here, we will continue to provide access to our outrageous books, as well as releasing many of those books as webnovels, following the Libra Gambit model, which has seen a gratifying response. At present, we're going to post chapters of the published first-in-series, and if that goes well, we'll look at posting our works in progress (once they've progressed enough not to cause agita).

In addition, readers can look forward to more behind the curtains info, along with scenes from the editing room floor, dream casts, recipes from MacGuffins' Tea Shoppe, trivia about the authors and their process, and whatever else our fevered brains come up with.

It won't always pretty there may certainly will
be glitches (*looking at you Kathleen the novice website builder), and those choosing to read editing room snippets best be prepared for some truly bad writing (we will also warn about spoilers!), but we're pretty sure it won't be boring.

We're so happy you're here, and hope you'll make a point of visiting often.


Kathleen, Kelley, and L.G.

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