Tomorrow is Never Promised

Chadwick Boseman knew this better than most, and with that knowledge he continued to work, completing a number of movies, including possibly my most cherished "super hero" films of all time The Black Panther.*

Millions have already paid tribute to Mr. Boseman, and far more eloquently than I ever could, so I will only say I am thinking of his family and loved ones, and grateful for the work he did, in particular as T'Challa, a leader of honor, grace, humility, and enduring strength.

He will be missed.

*This is in quotes because, yes, there are super heroes in the film, but the story I saw—and that touched my so deeply—was one of leadership, and choices, and humanity, and redemption. It was also, again in my experience of it, a tale of striving to accept, and make reparation for, the actions of those who came before. 


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