Casting a Novel: Fortune’s Tiago Hama

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Step Aside Dr. McDreamy


Fortunes Tiago Hama
All for one, and one for all of Nike.

Somtimes, casting comes as a surprise even to me. Take the case of Tiago Hama, the medical student who makes his first appearance in Soldier of Fortune. It was a surprise because it wasn't until I was watching an episode of a particular BBC1 series that it struck me, this was who I'd been envisioning as Tiago, all the way down to the body language and speech patterns. (He and Mia make quite the team).

I went back and re-read his scenes and found, yup, this was the guy, and now I'm stupidly excited by having another real life face to go with one of my fictional characters. 

Thus, I present Luke Pasqualino, AKA D’Artagnan, AKA Detective Ishan Hama’s son, AKA Nike City’s most idealistic medical student, and soon to be graduate of Yousafzai* University. He also makes an appearance in Outrageous Fortune, and has a significant role in Fortune's Fool. 

*University named for Malala Yousafzai, because I could. 
Photo Courtesy of BBC – Photographer: Dusan Martinek





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