The Why

Just taking a moment to share two videos that drop some wisdom on several whys, from why we don't trust ourselves to why we create to why we can't explain why we know what we know.

The first is from The Quitcast, and is third in a series for Intuitive writers, which I'm following closely (being oh, so intuitive).

I believe I've mentioned before how valuable I find the books and Strenghts coaching of Becca Symes and the entire Better Faster team, but this particular topic hits home, and even if you're not a writer, it's great to get deep into the how of high intuition, and why we can't always, as they say in the video, "show our work".

I also came across this piece on composer/artist Jon Batiste and author/artist Suleika Jaouad earlier this week, and wanted to share because they both express so clearly why and how they create, and keep creating, even in the shadows.

Footnote: We all have a different version of bejeweling our walkers.  My versions have include Star Trek RPing, knitting an endless series of misshapen scarves, and setting up yardscapes with a series of rainbow colored flamingoes.

and now for something jurassic
It's a Jurassic World out there.

And now for something hamilton

And now for something - hamilton

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