Question of the Month – April 2022



First, yes, it is now May, and while April's question was timely, it took a while to collect the answers (we're a global operation, don't you know) and then for me, Kathleen, to sit down long enough to post said answers.

I swear, things will calm down.


But, onto the question. As some may nave noticed, we missed on March's question of the month because of shy and absent winners, but April's question makes up for that lack, with possibly the most fun question yet, from Steve, who asks all the authors:

Which of the 3 of you busts out the best moves on the dance floor? Is it even close?

Let's take a look at the author responses, ranked by Time Lords.

From LG (AKA Slim): Sorry, Maynard. I sucked as a dancer. It brings back painful memories. 🙂


*Slim=10th Doctor doing—something.

From Kathleen (AKA Maynard): Back in the day I was okay with learning group dances but my best (and most consistent) “dancing” involves me sock-skating down the hall, pretty much any time I have socks on because I am still, in my head, a twelve year old. 


*Maynard = 11th Doctor doing the Giraffe

From Kelley (AKA: The Master): Well….in my long and rather odd past, I was once a professional belly dancer and belly dance teacher.  And danced when I did Musical Theater.   And a friend of mine and I used to be able to swing dance like nobody’s business (but only with each other, neither could dance as well with others, maybe because we were so often stage combat partners).  So yes, I love to dance, even now, when we do that thing we all do when cleaning…BLAST MUSIC, I most often blast middle eastern and dance around my apartment.


*Kelley = Missy owning the floor.

And there you have it: Kelley McKinnon's Missy has dancing chops to rule us all.

Thanks to Steve for the rocking query. See you next month!


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