Question of the Month: 1

Hello, and welcome to the first ever question of the month, wherein we draw a name from the "Private Facilitator" membership and, whoever is  drawn can ask a question of any character or author they choose.

Both the questions and the answers will be posted both here and on our Buy Me a Coffee page.*

The winner from the January drawing is from Steve, who asked: "Who does your illustrations and jacket covers."

Our cover art is done by the amazing team at Deranged Doctor Design. They have been amazing partners for us, and a lot of other authors you might recognize, in a wide array of genres.

The cover for Soldier of Fortune was even awarded a Gold Star from the Book Designer's April 2029 EBook Cover Design competition.

Deranged Doctor is a favorite of ours because they work as a team—not only of artists, but of office, accounting, and customer interaction. This goes a long way to keep projects in time frame, but I imagine also helps prevent artist burnout.

Seriously, we love these guys, and look forward to ordering covers from them for years to come. If you're an author looking for professional, and affordable, covers, do check them out here:

question of the month

Thanks for visiting, and see you next month with the next winner's question!

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