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RIP KDP Weekly Update


By Kathleen McClure | August 26, 2021

Confirmation of a Death Foretold For those keepingup with the drama from the last post, I regret to inform you that my Kindle Direct Publishing Account (the KDP of the title) is now as dead as disco. Though I cannot, even now, tell you what mistake I made to trigger the event, even after having …

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don't panic that's my job

Don’t Panic…

By Kathleen McClure | August 17, 2021

…just waiting for that higher level of order to kick in. This is a quick update to, first, let everyone know that we’re close to having the youngest offspring moved to college (in three weeks!) and I’ll have more thinking/writing time in September (I may cry a little, first-my baby’s in college!-but writing will happen-both …

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running up that hill

Still running up that hill…

By Kathleen McClure | June 18, 2021

… with a shout out to the above graduating class of 2021, who kept on even when the lights went out! It’s been a hitch over two months since I went on hiatus, and in that time, Life has become even more complicated, and that has led to a lengthier break from writing than anyone …

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Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day is Nigh!

By Kathleen McClure | May 3, 2021

  Anyone who’s read The Gemini Hustle knows that Harry and Jessyn share a deep fondness for all things Star Wars, so I have no doubt they’d both be eager to download any or all of the books in this space opera collection, assembled specifically to celebrate that galaxy far, far, away. Click HERE to …

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The Libra Gambit: On Hiatus

By Kathleen McClure | April 13, 2021

Okay, so when I said we would fight through to the finish, I meant it, but… we need to retrench and recover in order to get there. To check up on previous sections, see the Libra Gambit main page. Want to learn what happened in The Gemini Hustle? Click HERE and download the first book …

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Texas Freeze '21

Weather Delays: The Libra Gambit

By Kathleen McClure | February 16, 2021

As the current Polar Vortex/Winter Storm/Ohmygoodnessit’scoldoutthere continues to wreak havoc on the Texas infrastructure, look for delays in posting of The Libra Gambit. Our area has significant power outages, rolling blackouts, and the subsequent loss of internet, and beyond that, there’s a certain level of stress as we try to stay warm while not using …

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A Socially Distant Holiday Gift

By Kathleen McClure | December 16, 2020

Free Download! This holiday season, the best gifts are not only free, they are free of germs. Luckily, I’m in the ebook trade, and so have made The Longest Shard FREE on several retailers for your reading pleasure.* A little Shawshank Redemption, a little It’s a Wonderful Life, and a whole lot of snark, The …

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Guess Who’s Manybooks Author of the Day?

By Kathleen McClure | November 7, 2020

Yeah, I was surprised, too.  For those unaware, Manybooks is a book discovery site geared towards promoting indie authors (think Bookbub’s younger sister). Recently, the lovely folks at Manybooks surprised me with a chance to respond to some genuinely insightful questions about the writing life in general, and The Longest Shard in particular. It was …

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Tall Dark Ranger Cookies

Tall Dark Ranger Cookies

By Kathleen McClure | September 24, 2020

Now that Jinna’s opened her tea shop in Fortune’s Fool, I’m pleased to begin sharing some of the recipes that make cameos in the books.While this particular recipe won’t appear until the upcoming Errant novel Fortune & Glory, I believe times call for this regional favorite. A comfort cookie that blends crunch and chewiness to …

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tomorrow Boseman

Tomorrow is Never Promised

By Kathleen McClure | August 29, 2020

Chadwick Boseman knew this better than most, and with that knowledge he continued to work, completing a number of movies, including possibly my most cherished “super hero” films of all time The Black Panther.* Millions have already paid tribute to Mr. Boseman, and far more eloquently than I ever could, so I will only say I am …

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