Monthly Cuppa: Work, work, work—podcast?

montly cuppa work work work podcastThis week I have some actual, time sensitive news, which is that I was a recent guest on the Alternate Futures podcast!

I won't lie, I was a bit terrified to actually talk  about life, writing Sci-Fi, processes, and the Great KDP Debacle of 2021, but Edwin is a wonderful host, and a genuine pleasure to speak with.

If you're even a little curious about the people behind the books, I recommend checking out not only this episode, but the entire Alternate Futures library.

Also, I should mention that there's no way I'll be listening to my own interview, as I will second guess every word that came out of my mouth (Could I have expressed that better? Did I misspeak? What is up with my voice?). I leave it to you all to trust I answered as best I could in the moment.

Side note: All OF books are now $0.99, in case you were missing any (and don't want to wait for us to post chapters).

On the other side of the coin, I must apologize for the lack of new posts or fiction content (though I did push a chapter of Crew forward, today).

The "part-time/holiday" gig I've been working (two kids in college!) has suffered a case of mission creep, in that the scheduling has stealthily increased to the point I have found myself called to action seven days a week, often starting at 7AM and ending after 7PM.

This isn't a plea for pity. I know that, at the worst, I'm a tourist in the gig work economy.

It has, however, provided a pretty good glimpse of just how hard it is for the people out there delivering packages, cleaning houses, bringing meals and groceries—and how hard it is to slip out, once you're in.

All in all it's being a Valuable Learning Experience (as well as helping cover certain unexpected expenses such as the A/C going out, the tires going out, the dishwasher on its last gasp… because of course everything breaks at once… and still working on earning the editing fee for Libra)

Anyway, all this to say, it's being a month.

This week in "Process" news, I'm trying to use my iPad as my laptop.

I'm basically using the month of April to see if Dot (as I call her) can handle the job of an author laptop, as well as standard "living in the 21st century" device.

So far, I've had to jump back to the comp to format Libra Gambit (oops, buried the lede: Libra Gambit is ready to go to beta readers!), but for the most part I'm able to do what I do on the laptop on Dot so—perhaps I can reduce the amount of kit necessary to do the job?

Only time and practice, and more chapters, will tell (but the screen is right small, so—hmm).

There is more going on behind the scenes, but sadly, I have another round of the (hahahah) part-time/casual/holiday job.

I swear, I'm working around to easing out of the position, so we at OF can focus on more writing, and a podcast of our own.

But before I rush off, here's my most recent reading list, linked to my Bookbub reviews/rankings.

A Master of Djinn

A Dead Djinn in Cairo

The Haunting of Tram Car 015

The Thursday Murder Club

The first three are all of a series by P. Djèlí Clark, and can be read in any order (I did, as I was limited by what was available through the library). The last is a ridiculously engrossing contemporary mystery by Richard Osman.

I am now reading How to Decide (currently only $1.99!) a choice directly related to the need to make a decision about the grunt work for money situation (see above).

Thanks for stopping by and I'll spill more Outrageous Fiction tea the second it's brewed!

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