Guess Who’s Manybooks Author of the Day?

Yeah, I was surprised, too. 

For those unaware, Manybooks is a book discovery site geared towards promoting indie authors (think Bookbub's younger sister).

Recently, the lovely folks at Manybooks surprised me with a chance to respond to some genuinely insightful questions about the writing life in general, and The Longest Shard in particular.

It was an enjoyable experience, and made more pleasant by the fact that, at the heart of it, the Manybooks team are promoting reading as much as they advancing authors—as evidenced by their library of classics available for download on their website.

Thanks to Naomi, Lisa, and the rest of the staff for the delightul opportunity to talk about Shard, Gideon, and the twisty journey of creating fiction.

To read the interview, click here. 

Click here to learn more about Manybooks.



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