A Socially Distant Holiday Gift

Free Download!

This holiday season, the best gifts are not only free, they are free of germs.

Luckily, I'm in the ebook trade, and so have made The Longest Shard FREE on several retailers for your reading pleasure.*

A little Shawshank Redemption, a little It's a Wonderful Life, and a whole lot of snark, The Longest Shard tells the story of Gideon Quinn's journey through the crucible of the Morton Barrens. 

Want to know more? See what Kindleworm Dot Com has to say about The Longest Shard (and a plethora of other books, as this is an excellent 'find your next read' site). 

Also, Zodiac fans, don't forget to check in on The Libra Gambit, now posted up to chapter 31!

*This is both a holiday special, and the prelude to the rest of my books moving to wide distribution in January. More on that at a later date. 

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