Casting a Novel: Fortune’s Horatio Alva

All the World's a Stage

At least it is to Horatio Alva, ex-con, grifter, and actor-manager of The Queen's Rogues.

Horatio's presence on the Fortune stage has been ancillary, so far, but his time is coming, as readers will get to know him better in the  The Longest Shard (avialable on Kindle Unlimited May 31, 2020).

From the get, I knew Horatio had to have bushels of energy, a quick wit, sparking ambition, and a lot of heart.

But there is, in fact, one particular actor who can, as he so famously wrote, "get the job done."

You've barely met him, but you know you already love him.

Dear audience, may I present my dream Horatio, Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Fortune's Horatio Alva


So. Much. Charm.
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