Casting a Novel: Zodiac’s Jessyn Breeshandra

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A Naihad's Work is Never Done

The role of Jessyn Breeshandra in The Zodiac Files is arguably one of the more difficult to cast.

As the half-breed daughter of a Human and

As a Rasalkan empath, trained in the famed Naihad Academy, the character must embody grace, compassion, intelligence, and sensuality.

Sworn to the service of Fayla Szado, Jessyn treads a multitude of razor-edges as she extracts vital intelligence from her marks, all the while guarding Fayla's secrets, and her own, from the majority of her own kind.

That's a lot for a young actor to take on, but Zendaya's made her mark in drama, action-comedy, musicals, and epic sci-fi (okay, part two of epic sci-fi). And she can sing and dance, and has been doing it all since before she was old enough to play this particular theoretical role.

Now that she is of an age, to my mind, Zendaya would more than handle the complex role of Jessyn—she'd nail it.

Casting a Novel: Zodiac's Jessyn Breeshandra
Grace, style, intelligence and loads of charm… Zendaya's got it all


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