Casting a Novel: Fortune’s Colin

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Heavy for Hire

Colin (no surname at time of writing) first appears in Outrageous Fortune as the partner-in-crime to Mary (also no surname), a grifter.

Where Mary is all charm and effervescence, Colin is more basic. Rough around the edges but good at what he does.

And what does he do?

He follows orders.

Any orders.

Even if those orders are morally questionable (ask Izaldine!).

From the get, I had an actor in mind for our Colin, having just seen Colin Salmon (yes, yes, I used his actual name) playing two wildly different parts in a very short space of time.

Fact is, I was kind of crushing on him as the also morally questionable Jarrod Sands in the (regrettably) short-lived Limitless.*

And while it was Jarrod’s character who most informed Fortune’s Colin, when you read him, you’ll see he’s taken on a life of his own.

Even with the limited page time, Fortune’s Colin displays his own unique quirks and interests. Also, unlike the lamented Jarrod, Colin will almost certainly return somewhere down the road when his talents are once again required.

But while you wait for Colin’s return to Fortune, I highly recommend seeking out any of Colin Salmon’s performances, from Doctor Who to Arrow to The Musketeers (and oh so many others), the man rocks every role he plays.

Fortune's Colin
Mercenary, merciless, mercurial.


*Not to worry, Colin’s now killing it in the role of Zod on Krypton. 

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