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The Editing Room Floor: And Billie’s a Crowd

By Kathleen McClure | November 16, 2022

We’re back, and in celebration of The Libra Gambit’s release, here’s a scene that was cut somewhere during the second draft, after we realized there was no room for another spy on the Moth. Side note: We love Billie, so much we even dream cast her (Lesley-Ann Brandt is a treasure!) and we fully expect to …

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Libra Gambit Cover

Who let the books out?

By Kathleen McClure | November 11, 2022

We let the books out! Affirming just a little bit late, that- some of us-Autumn is the Best Season, we are pleased to announce the release of The Libra Gambit, Book 2 of The Zodiac Files, alongside the re-release of a leaner, meaner, keener (sorry, I’m a slave to the Rule of Three), Gemini Hustle, …

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What’s Going on With The Gemini Hustle?

By Kathleen McClure | September 29, 2022

Take Two So, in a somewhat backward, bet you didn’t see this coming, fashion, The Gemini Hustle has a second, much shorter, edition. Going for a fresh edit wasn’t an easy decision to make, but over the years since its original publication, and the writing, re-writing, and editing of The Libra Gambit, it became clear …

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The Editing Room Floor: Empty Calories

By Kathleen McClure | August 16, 2022

Here’s another from The Libra Gambit’s editing room floor, and one which includes references to possibly the most comforting food I have ever known (says the person with no nut allergies), the grilled peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich, also known as the fluffernutter sandwich. Side note, the fluffernutter tends to use marshmallow cream, but my …

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The Editing Room Floor: Prologue Fail

By Kathleen McClure | June 5, 2022

What can we say? Sometimes there are scenes that don’t make it into the book.* Maybe the scene didn’t gel with the rest of the story, or went off on a plot tangent too far. Maybe the scene stopped the action, or was confusing. And maybe, just maybe, the scene left the beta readers tilting …

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Question of the Month – April 2022

By Kathleen McClure | May 6, 2022

Hello! First, yes, it is now May, and while April’s question was timely, it took a while to collect the answers (we’re a global operation, don’t you know) and then for me, Kathleen, to sit down long enough to post said answers. I swear, things will calm down. Eventually. But, onto the question. As some …

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The Why

By Kathleen McClure | April 15, 2022

Just taking a moment to share two videos that drop some wisdom on several whys, from why we don’t trust ourselves to why we create to why we can’t explain why we know what we know. The first is from The Quitcast, and is third in a series for Intuitive writers, which I’m following closely …

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Monthly Cuppa: Work, work, work—podcast?

By Kathleen McClure | April 6, 2022

This week I have some actual, time sensitive news, which is that I was a recent guest on the Alternate Futures podcast! I won’t lie, I was a bit terrified to actually talk  about life, writing Sci-Fi, processes, and the Great KDP Debacle of 2021, but Edwin is a wonderful host, and a genuine pleasure …

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Shaking the Firmament

By Kathleen McClure | March 4, 2022

  Though I suppose, in this case, shaking the firmament is more along the lines of starting a Kickstarter-quake. For those who’ve missed the news, it appears Brandon Sanderson, who is no stranger to Indie publishing, broke Kickstarter’s record when he started up a campaign to fund four new books, to be released quarterly in …

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Monthly Cuppa: Changing Gears

By Kathleen McClure | February 11, 2022

Welcome, all! As you may have noticed, I decided to make a change to the Friday blog posts, switching from the pressure-oriented, horrifyingly official Weekly Update to the much more accessible (and realistic) Monthly Cuppa. So, while I’ll still mention where and how progress is occurring in our creative pod, I will only be doing …

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