Mission Statement

It is the goal of the authors to provide out-of-this world stories featuring diverse, fully realized characters who will entertain, enliven, and leave readers empowered by the experience.

Kathleen McClure

A long time lover of all things Genre, I write character-driven sci-fi and fantasy for lovers of out-of-this-world adventures, featuring a plethora of rough-around-the-edges heroes who, like most of us, stumble as often as they succeed.

My published books include solo works such as the Gideon Quinn Adventures and various shorts,  and my co-written works include the Errant Freight series with Kelley McKinnon, and The Zodiac Files with L. Gene Brown. I am also developing an urban fantasy series when time allows.

Between writing binges, I have also taken to creating lawnscapes with a set of rainbow colored-flamingos, a hobby which has overtaken the knitting years, which in turn overtook the "trying to rock the school-age birthday party" years. Life is a journey, y'all.

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Kelley McKinnon

Kelley McKinnon, having a short attention span and absolutely no ambition, has had a varied career. Luckily she then found John Basil at the American Globe Theater, and acted and directed in both main stage and educational shows. After focusing on directing for eight years, she wandered into an audition for the American Shakespeare Center. And it was fun. So fun that she stayed for four years. After returning to NYC, she taught a class at NYU and fell in love with teaching...and realized she needed letters after her name. She received her MFA  from Mary Baldwin University, and immediatly flew to Shanghai where she works with ENREACH, teaching drama and performance to local students, with the long-term goal of saving the world with empathy.

Outrageous Fortune is her first published novel.

L. Gene Brown

Throughout his life, L. Gene has always been an entrenched fan of all things related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and a natural-born writer of same.

L. Gene Brown was born, raised, and educated in Kansas City, Missouri. He left home after graduation from Manual Vocational High School in 1968 to join the U.S. Army, serving 3 years - including two tours in Vietnam. Following a nine month break after his army discharge, he re-enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, where he served an additional fifteen years before his honorable discharge in the mid-80's.

Although he has no official letters after his name, L. Gene has been practicing his craft for a lifetime, boosting his skills with a number of creative writing courses over the years. In addition to writing The Gemini Hustle and The Libra Gambit with Kathleen McClure, he is working on a modern day vampire series. 

Fadge Press

Fadge Press

And last, but not least, there is Fadge (just Fadge), the name of the company under which our outrageous fiction is published.

I chose the name Fadge not because of the dictionary version of the word (though there's nothing wrong with a good potato bread), but because Fadge is the name of a character in one of my favorite movies of all time, A Midwinter's Tale (In the Bleak Midwinter, in the UK).

This movie, a black and white screwball dramady directed by Kenneth Brannagh, encapsulates the struggle to be a creative in a capitalist world, and how valuable that creativity is to both creator and audience.

Or, as Kelley McKinnon often points out, "Empathy will save the world."

So we are Fadge, (just Fadge), and we mean to write as many unlikely heroes in as many out of the box worlds as we can. It is our hope you will enjoy your time in those worlds.



Kathleen, Kelley, and L.G.



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